The next generation of Petrosys’ solution for managing unstructured data – digital seismic and log records, scanned well completion reports, electronic copies of maps and sections, core photographs, etc. – is now being rolled out for international users from our Calgary office.

The user interface for this database application has been built on the dbMap/Web platform, which allows easy access to anyone on a company intranet. Petrosys’ thorough implementation of user roles ensures that visibility and editing access can be reliably controlled per user, data type, and business team. Whilst the core of the dbMap/web product is built in our Adelaide head office, the architecture allows front line staff – such as Susan Hopkin and Zohreh Nejadian in Calgary – to tailor the user interface along with the links to the digital data stores to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

If you have been looking at web based solutions in the past but have found the user interfaces too restrictive then you should check out dbMap/Web. It sets a completely new standard for user control over screen layouts and interactive performance, combining the flexibility and speed of a desktop application with the extended information content that can be delivered through the richer text rendering options of the web interface.

A wide range of strategies can be supported for storage of the digital records themselves, including access to mirrored stores of static data. This makes dbMap/Web an ideal platform for globally distributed teams, with work in progress being shared through the centrally hosted PPDM master, whilst background reports and data files are rapidly accessible from local copies.

Use of the PPDM 3.8 records management (RM) module gives clients who are PPDM members full ownership and control of their knowledge base and allows clients to leverage best of breed tools from other PPDM vendors.