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Get ready for the GPinfo 2021 Petroleum Permits of Australasia Map

A ‘must have’ in the office for many of our key sponsors, the GPinfo 2021 Petroleum Permits of Australasia Map will soon be released at the upcoming APPEA Conference in June. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our map sponsors for once again supporting the Permits Map in its 32nd year.

A reminder of just how valuable the Permits Map is to some of our sponsors.

“The Permit Maps are spectacular, with clear definition and annotation. The maps have been very useful for assessing new areas of opportunity. All maps and digital information were provided in a timely manner and certainly worth the sponsorship and having our company brand prominent.”

Jeromy DePledge, Manager Exploration Australia, Woodside Energy Ltd
Sponsor since 1991

“EnergyQuest has been using the GPinfo Permits Map ever since we started over 15 years ago. It’s an invaluable resource.”

Graeme Bethune, Chief Executive Officer, EnergyQuest
Sponsor since 2020, user since 2005

“GPinfo maps are always in Carnarvon offices and used daily. COVID meant many took them home as a point of reference. In conjunction with the GPinfo GIS database and email alerts on permit changes, GPinfo and its maps are an integral part of daily life at Carnarvon over previous years, and we expect to continue this for many years to come.”

Stephen Molyneux, Exploration Manager, Carnarvon Petroleum
Sponsor since 2016

“GPinfo Permit Maps have been part of Finder’s success since the company’s beginnings. They are on the walls of everyone’s office and continually remind us of the scale and potential of the Australian petroleum basins. Thanks GPinfo.”

Aaron Bond, Exploration Manager, Finder Energy
Sponsor since 2011

“The GPinfo Permits Map is a great product. It’s something I refer to almost on a daily basis and of course, it is an extremely useful reference in a whole range of forums, including Joint Venture and Board meetings.”

Neil Gibbins, Managing Director, Vintage Energy
Sponsor since 2018

“Copies of the 2020 GPinfo permit maps arrived this week and are already sprinkled around the office, including the boardroom and meeting rooms. The maps provide an excellent reference to petroleum permit and pipeline locations for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea and are of a quality that Bridgeport is proud to support.”

Barry Smith, Chief Technical Officer, Bridgeport Energy
Sponsor since 2013

Visit for more details on the GPinfo Petroleum Permits Map of Australasia 2021

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