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After more than three decades Cynthia Thomas bids farewell to GPinfo and the Petrosys family, marking the end of an era for GPinfo but an exciting new chapter for Cynthia. Joining GPinfo in 1992 Cynthia has been an integral part of the team and has played a huge role in the longevity of GPinfo as a product and company.

As someone relatively new to the GPinfo team, it’s been clear to me that Cynthia’s knowledge of the GPinfo product and processes is a key factor in the success of not just the GPinfo database but the Petroleum Permits Map. Alongside her ability to corral the monthly data updates, newsletters and permit books, her customer service skills are appreciated by our clients who are never left hanging when they are in need.  – Michael Partridge, GPinfo Team Lead

As the primary mapmaker of the iconic GPinfo Petroleum Permits of Australasia Map, Cynthia has been a driving force that has ensured the maps publication and launch at the AEP, (formerly APPEA) conference for the last 25 years.

We asked Cynthia about her time working on the Permits Map,

Every year since the map began, (circa 1990), it has been printed in Bathurst by what used to be known as the Land Information Centre, a government department that also takes on commercial work for non-government customers. It has had various names along the way since then but these days it’s called NSW Department of Customer Service.

They have been fabulous to work with and always produce a top-class product. I always went up to Bathurst for the day for the printing of the map.  The photo is of me checking the proof prior to them starting up the press. An hour later I’d check the top copies as they came off the press to make sure they looked ok. In reality, it was a charming courtesy they offer (and still do) to customers – there was never a problem, they are entirely professional – but they are very happy for their customers to take an active part.’

Cynthia Thomas - proofing GPinfo permits map

A few colleagues from days gone by had a few words to wish Cynthia well.

‘Cynthia’s dedication to GPinfo is the reason the product remains the industry standard to this day. I wish Cynthia all the best in her retirement, and I thank her for our time working together. I learned a lot from her and I am grateful for it. I have no doubt that she will be deeply missed by the GPinfo and Petrosys teams and all GPinfo customers. Congratulations Cynthia and enjoy! – Kate Cotter, former GPinfo colleague

‘Cynthia and I worked together at GPinfo for most of our lives.  Together we helped develop a product that has stood the test of time for more than 30 years.   Her departure from GPinfo marks the end of an era.  She will be sorely missed by both GPinfo and the oil and gas industry.   I am proud to not only call her a well respected former work colleague, but a treasured friend as well.  I wish her all the best for the future.’  – Angela Willett GPinfo colleague for 30 years

‘Cynthia has been an outstanding mentor, she provided me with great support both when we worked together in the North Sydney office and now working remotely.

GPinfo teams over the years

Her guidance has been invaluable, shaping not just my professional growth but also my personal development. The dedication and passion she brought to her work made every day a joy to be a part of the team. I am grateful for the knowledge, time, and experience she has shared with me over the 12 years we worked together. I wish her all the best for her retirement, she will be dearly missed.’ – Catherine Speed, GPinfo

Right now Cynthia’s immediate plans are to spend some time in the UK with her Mum and travel to see her 3 kids who are spread around the world in London, New York, and Singapore before returning to Sydney for the wedding of her youngest in 2024. Certainly, lots to keep her busy!

Cynthia as you embark on your retirement journey, we thank you for your commitment and dedication to GPinfo and extend our sincere congratulations and best wishes for a fulfilling and relaxed retirement ahead.