PLDBis an extensive and configurable database for all prospects and leads, designed to help improve the efficiency of analytical workflows, where any number of Reports required to extract and present data can be produced on-demand.

Leverage the benefits of having all prospects in a secure, central database              

Bertie Lyons, Geoscientist, Capricorn Energy

We have, for longer than I can recall, been mastering all prospect information in spreadsheets. As we continued to explore, observing how our portfolio of prospects increased and our regional focus and balance of priorities evolved, we needed to assess what technology was available to help improve efficiency in the assembly and analysis of prospects, so that investment portfolios can easily be prepared and reviewed on demand.


We had begun work with Petrosys by developing a Well Failure Analysis tool, and it was as part of this process that we were exposed to the PLDB database. PLDB is an extensive and configurable database that is based on PPDM architectural principles. It was, in addition to the breadth of data that can be captured, the flexibility of the application that impressed us, together with the use of version management for resource estimation which enabled us to track the evolution of all prospects through time, even reverting to prior computations when required.

PLDB Cloud

As we had built up considerable trust in our existing computational method and the results provided, it was helpful to learn that were we to move to PLDB we could continue to use our existing computational methods and simply feed in the results of each computation into PLDB each time this part of the workflow was completed.

Petrosys built a data loader for our computational results as well as for the associated prospect data we were managing; loading the data into PLDB – which we asked they host on their cloud-enabled us to build a complete system in parallel, test and learn how to use it prior to deciding when to deploy PLDB operationally.

The use of PLDB as a secure, central repository for all of our prospect data, and the tools available within PLDB to aid analysis and produce reports, enabled regular and on demand reviews of our portfolios.

As PLDB is a database, it is possible to draft any number of Reports required to extract and present data. We have, since deploying PLDB, called on Petrosys to develop further custom reports specific to our requirements, helping to improve the efficiency of our analytical workflows and ultimately our investment decisions.

The system is an open system, and while PLDB has a number of dashboards to help present data, we opted to publish data in ArcGIS where we could combine it with other spatial data.

We made the decision to implement PLDB to underpin our portfolio management workflows because:


  • it is a secure central database for all our prospects
  • there is the flexibility to continue using our existing computational methods
  • the configurable data model allows us to record data consistent with our preferred nomenclature
  • the data model supports regular reporting but offers important on-demand access
  • we can develop a range of Reports consistent with our workflow requirements

Ultimately the decision to invest in PLDB, to deploy, populate and learn how to use the system, is borne out by the benefits of having consistent, reliable, and timely access to all our prospects and leads data. PLDB helps support our critical decision making.

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