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Our mapping program is the best on the planet. And we’re making it better every day.

This is a dynamic, ever-changing field. We are committed to providing the worlds most sophisticated and useful E&P software systems to the petroleum industry – always. To that end, as systems, environments, workflows and technical processes evolve, so does our innovative development program.

Software Release Notes

Browse the latest release notes by selecting one of the links below. On request, Petrosys will be happy to supply composite release notes across a range of product versions.

Releases and Highlights

Petrosys PRO 2018.1.1 (04-May-2018)
Petrosys PRO 2018.1 released at the end of March 2018 – was a major upgrade release building on the Map Templates enhancements from 2017. Current version Petrosys PRO 2018.1.1 continues the on-going initiative to make the software easier to use reducing training overheads. Increased automation helps users focus on interpretation and produces better mapping results with less time invested. On the technical side, volumetrics is now included as standard with the Petrosys PRO bundle and the first phase of new development is now complete.

  • Petrosys Plug-in for DecisionSpace Geosciences: Petrosys PRO can be launched directly from within DSG using a menu item or toolbar icon with support for automatic Petrosys project creation and adding seamless connectivity to user’s DSG session data for immediate access with Petrosys PRO.
  • Enable Parallel Processing in Selected Workflow Task Groups: Surface Modeling has added capability for parallel processing of user workflows. Parallel processing enables the use of the multi-tasking facilities of modern CPUs by diverting selected tasks into separate processes that can run at the same time.
  • Spatial Data from Web Feature Services and ArcGIS Server: Web Feature Service (WFS) allow access to spatial data over the internet, which keeps data current and reduces data duplication and version errors.
  • Automatic Picking of Lowest Closing Contours: The new LLC option helps users quickly and easily identify prospects within their grids. Changing the input parameters allows the user to identify economic prospects and remove smaller, uneconomic closures.

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dbMap/Web 2017.2.1 (29-September-2017)
dbMap/Web 2017.2 introduces a range of extensions to the PPDM 3.8 Wells and Records Management modules.New Wells module data types:

  • Paly/Paleo
  • Completions
  • Sand Summaries
  • Sample Analysis
  • Relationships
  • Well Status.

New Records Management features:

  • Copies
  • Keywords
  • Ancillary Data
  • Links to additional data types (Basins, Fields and Permits)

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