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Our mapping program is the best on the planet. And we’re making it better every day.

This is a dynamic, ever-changing field. We are committed to providing the worlds most sophisticated and useful E&P software systems to the petroleum industry – always. To that end, as systems, environments, workflows and technical processes evolve, so does our innovative development program.

Software Release Notes

Browse the latest release notes by selecting one of the links below. On request, Petrosys will be happy to supply composite release notes across a range of product versions.

Releases and Highlights

Petrosys PRO 2018.3.4 (28-Feb-2019)

Petrosys value-added agile development continues – an update to Petrosys PRO 2018.

  • Well Penetration Report: Accurately calculating the XYZ location where a borehole/arbitrary point intersects a surface is very useful for reservoir appraisal and development.
  • Bubble maps extended and improved: Display of bubble maps has been significantly re-engineered, to bring the display of bubble maps to a wider variety of data sources, and to make working with bubble maps easier.
  • DUG Insight grids and fault polygons available in the Spatial Editor: DUG Insight grids and faults can be edited directly in the Spatial Editor making it easy for Insight users to edit and improve these data types without any need for data transfer and duplication.
  • Probabilistic Resource Calculator: Allowing users to run Monte-Carlo simulation on volumes without needing to use another application. Algorithms and variables are available for conventional and unconventional resources to support many situations. Clients with a large portfolio of prospects may be interested in learning more about the underlying Prospects and Leads Database which the calculator is based upon.
  • Direct Display of Excel on Maps: Users in many disciplines will appreciate direct display of Excel spreadsheet tables on maps with clearly rendered text and live updates from the source data.
  • PRO 2018 – a big release for those who work with Petrel: The upcoming Petrel 2018.1 release is supported, including the new structural framework. Color bars are automatically imported and there are significant performance gains with displaying seismic data.
  • Batch Mapping of Data Over Multiple Extents: Automatic map generation is enhanced with the ability to loop over extents to create similar maps over multiple areas of interest such as fields or concessions.
  • Grid Editor: Petrel and OpenWorks grids and faults can now be edited directly in the grid editor, with no need to import to Petrosys formats first.
  • Map templates: Enhanced further with custom location maps, including color bars in the template and adjusting the legend to fit in the box defined by the template.

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dbMap/Web 2018.3.1 (27-November-2018)

dbMap/Web 2018.3.1 builds on our mapping enhancements delivered in 2018.2 with more mapping features and includes new charting functionality as well as many additional enhancements throughout the application.

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