Petrosys PRO Plug-in for Esri

Your petroleum exploration and production success depends on a rich suite of subsurface information. The Petrosys PRO plug-in for Esri opens up direct access to the excellent Petrosys PRO subsurface grid, fault and contour map displays, straight from your ArcGIS desktop.

Explore the subsurface from your ArcGIS desktop

  • Access to the Petrosys PRO surface modeling workflow manager, from which you can create and manipulate grids using data directly sourced from connected applications and stores.
  • ArcGIS access to Petrosys PRO grids with embedded faults and discontinuities.
  • Integrate subsurface knowledge with your existing GIS information.
  • Render contours using Petrosys PRO intuitive contour display controls.
  • Reduce the need for complex data exchange between subsurface and ArcGIS systems.
  • Improve subsurface data management through more direct access and less duplication.

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The Petrosys PRO Plugin for Esri

[12 min]
Geoscientists and engineers using ArcGIS can learn how to present their insight – integrated from several data sources – with the benefits of the Petrosys plug-in.

More Petrosys PRO tools for Esri Subsurface Integration

Further explore the Petrosys commitment to helping our customers leverage their GIS and subsurface investments through closer integration of workflows and data. The Direct Connectivity between Petrosys PRO and third party applications allow the map view to display ArcSDE, shapefile, personal GeoDatabase, ArcGIS web services and other GIS data along with more EP specific formats.

See Direct Connectivity for more on the Petrosys Exchange functionality.

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