Curtin University Takes Advantage of Petrosys Software Grant

//Curtin University Takes Advantage of Petrosys Software Grant

Curtin University Takes Advantage of Petrosys Software Grant

The Department of Applied Geology at Curtin University Sarawak Campus, Malaysia, was supplied with Petrosys® software licenses in early 2012 under the Petrosys Educational Software Grant Program. The program aims to support the on-going development and education of future geoscientists by providing access to effective, proven mapping and modeling software technology.

In March, Petrosys staff members Fuziana Rozalli and Andrew Weller provided two days of in-house training which was attended by both staff and students of the University, embarking on their final year projects. The free training provided an overview of Petrosys®, including mapping and surface modeling. Students and staff alike indicated that the software was easy to use. “Indeed, it is mapping guru software – easy to learn and very useful,” noted Dr. Nagarajan, whilst student Jacky Chen Zoon Jie said Petrosys is “very user-friendly, easy to understand, [and has] great functionality”.

For educational programs to be successful they must expose students and staff to state-of-the-art geoscience applications, where students can develop the vital skills of geoscience mapping, a critical component for energy industry professionals. The students at Curtin University will now be making use of Petrosys® in producing geological maps from their data for their final year projects. According to Dr. Dodge-Wan, Petrosys® will certainly help students become “industry ready” and for staff it is a “valuable addition to their research tools”. One of the final year students, Faidhi Yusof, said that exposure to Petrosys® will give added value to a student’s skillset. “Early exposure [to Petrosys] advances our interests in the [industrial] applications of geology and mapping”.

“Curtin University really appreciates Petrosys’ support and co-operation during the training. On behalf of both staff and students in the Applied Geology Department, thank you to Petrosys for donating Petrosys® to the department.” said Dr. Prasanna.

More information on the Petrosys Educational Software Grant Program can be found by visiting or emailing with any questions.

About Curtin University Sarawak Campus

The University, located in Miri, Sarawak, is the first offshore campus of Curtin University, Western Australia. The Department of Applied Geology was founded in 1900, and today boasts one of the largest geology teaching departments in Australia. It is this reputation that formed the basis for the Sarawak State Government’s decision to establish the University in Sarawak in 1999.

About Petrosys
Petrosys is the industry leader in mapping, surface modelling and data management software solutions integrated with a range of exploration, production and GIS data sources. The Petrosys® product suite produces high quality maps and manages, edits, and analyses the underlying data, including the specialised seismic, well and other information used in the quest for oil and gas. Geoscience professionals, data managers and engineers at more than 250 sites worldwide use the Petrosys® suite as a natural tool for basin and field interpretation, as a central solution in enterprise data management and to help make better decisions. For further information please email or refer to

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