AAPG 2015, May 31- June 3, Denver Colorado

Come join us at Booth #1831 to try out our Mapping Challenge!

We are trying something a bit different with our demonstrations this year. Petrosys is a powerful sub-surface mapping system which allows you to produce maps that reflect the accurate geological information necessary for decision makers to take the right action. To show this, we have introduced a map desk onto our booth and during the show we encourage geoscientists to test their mapping abilities against our software. We will show how Petrosys can be used to enhance the interpretive skills of the users to produce believable geological structures to model the subsurface.

Roll up your sleeves and try your hand with a sharpie!

AAPG Demonstration Schedule

As well as the scheduled demonstrations below, booth staff will be happy to provide presentations on any aspect of Petrosys software that you would like to see.

Petrosys Mapping Challenge    June 1st- 9:35 & 2:50

Petrosys Mapping Challenge    June 2nd- 9:35 & 2:50

Petrosys Mapping Challenge    June 3rd- 9:35

Business Card Draw                  June 3rd- 10:00


We are looking forward to a great show!  Stop by and learn more about Petrosys!