Petrosys is pleased to announce that we will be holding 1/2 day user group meetings in London, UK and Perth, Australia and we invite all clients at currently supported sites to attend.

Join us for a round table discussion, where you can; discover what’s new in our Petrosys PRO 2017 release; influence the evolution of the software; learn tips, tricks and ways to improve workflows; exchange thoughts and ideas with Petrosys staff and fellow users.

Attendance is free to all our users at currently supported Petrosys sites however registration is required to allow us to cater for the right number of people.

Please select which User Group Meeting you would like to attend.

Perth User Group Meeting

Date & Time Location, Venue Registration
Tuesday, 31st October 2017
Start Time: 12:30pm
Social Reception from 4:45pm
Perth, Australia.
Quest Hotel, Chapel Room, East Perth, Australia
Register Here

London User Group Meeting – View Agenda

Date & Time Location, Venue Registration
Wednesday, 4th October 2017
Start Time: 1:30pm
Social Reception from 5:30pm
London, UK.
Six Storeys on Soho, 11 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QD
Now Closed


User Group Meeting – Live Webinars!

Be part of ‘Petrosys User Group Live’! For the first time ever we will be hosting live webinars of our user events in London and Perth.

Our User Groups have proven to be very popular with our London & Perth based clients, with many coming along, however, we appreciate that it’s not always possible for all our clients to travel to these events and so we have decided to make both the technical sessions and Petrosys presentations available via webinar.

You will be able to listen and ask questions along with everyone in the room, allowing you to get almost all the benefits of the day…we unfortunately haven’t figured out a way to share the drinks and nibbles we’ll be enjoying afterwards with you…but feel free to bring your own!

London User Group – Wednesday 4th October 2017

Our London User Group webinars are now available for registration – the afternoon is split into two parts and so for your convenience we will hold two separate webinars, you can register for one or both by clicking on the webinar name below.

Technical Sessions Webinar
Listen to the technical sessions being presented on Fault Stick Gridding, Spatial Editor & the Petrosys Mapping Challenge and you will then have the opportunity to ask questions along with those in attendance.
Time: 2pm – 3:30pm, London  / 7am, Calgary / 8am Houston

Presentations Webinar
Find out all about our latest release Petrosys PRO 2017.1, learn about what PLDB & dbMap can offer your company and listen to what we have planned for Petrosys going forward into 2018.

Time: 4pm – 5:30pm, London  / 9am, Calgary / 10am Houston

Stay tuned for the Perth User Group Live Webinars which will be available for registration soon!

We look forward to seeing you at one of the User Group events. If there is anything you particularly want to see, do let us know by contacting