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Petrosys is pleased to have been a part of the world first achieved by Tape Ark, the Perth-based data management organisation, who successfully demonstrated how the public cloud, in particular Amazon Web Services, can be leveraged to perform manual tasks, that previously could take months, in just minutes.

Scott Tidemann, CEO – Petrosys
“A clear demonstration of how more effective problem solving happens when you combine resources, talent, experience and creative ideas.

Sharing and leveraging the combined ideas and resources enabled us to rapidly catalog and capture the real-time seismic data acquired and subsequently interpreted/processed with good corporate governance and master data quality rules applied into the industry standard PPDM data model – our part in the collaborative workflow was made possible using Petrosys dbMap data management technologies running in the cloud.”

World First for Oil & Gas Data Management

Presenting in Houston, at the recent PPDM Professional Petroleum Data Expo, Tape Ark CEO and Founder Guy Holmes was able to successfully demonstrate in real time, the acquisition of live seismic data being shot in Oklahoma, which was ingested directly into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 storage in Virginia. This data was then automatically captured into a PPDM compliant database and GIS interface, archived into long term Amazon Glacier storage, QC’ed during acquisition and imported into dbMap from Petrosys. The interpretation was carried out in DownUnder Geosolutions (DUG) Insight in Perth, returned to S3 storage and archived to Glacier long term storage all in the space of the 30-minute presentation.

In what can only be classed as an ‘aha’ moment to many of the attendees who packed the presentation hall, the demonstration proved to be a start in thinking about the future of data management in the oil and gas industry.

Once the data was ingested into the AWS cloud, it was automatically backed up in Amazon Glacier and immediately available for use within the Tape Ark Open Petroleum Data Lake.

At the click of a button the data was made accessible to Petrosys’s own data management solution dbMap, making use of the dbMap software technologies running in the cloud and also to software company DownUnder Geosolutions to apply their Insight interpretation software.

The new process cuts out the need to make copies of the data on tape in the field, removes the months of delay that usually occurs while waiting for the data to be shipped from the field to processing houses, and instantly creates a backed-up version of the data for long term data retention in a single, simple and elegant workflow. Thus saving, enormous amounts of time and costs and bringing the data management function right to the data!

Trudy Curtis, CEO – PPDM Association
“The Professional Petroleum Data Management Association’s members are keenly interested in methods that will help maximize the quality and accessibility of data in order to improve business processes. At the PPDM Houston Data Management Expo, hundreds of fascinated data managers watched as Tape Ark recorded seismic data and transferring it to a PPDM standards-based cloud environment in real time, enabling processing and interpretation work flows to be initiated at breathtaking speed. “The PPDM Association knows that leveraging standards helps industry deploy innovative technology better and faster. I’m looking forward to seeing technologies like this build a stronger and more competitive environment,”

For the full press release from Tape Ark click here. If you would like to know more about Tape Ark visit,

Find out more about Petrosys Data Management and dbMap.

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  1. Teena Townsend May 8, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    Tape Ark were pleased to partner with Petrosys for this collaboration and demonstration of what is now possible and achievable. The team at Petrosys were awesome helping make this all work. We have had such positive and enthusiastic feedback from the conference organizers and attendees.

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