GLOBEClaritas new release v7.4

GLOBEClaritas New Software Release V.7.4 

GLOBEClaritas is pleased to deliver the V7.4 release to clients, with significant improvements to the user experience and technical capabilities.

  • The GLOBEClaritas launcher has undergone a refresh to improve the User Interface/experience, using a modern QT graphic toolkit.
  • We have also taken the opportunity to modernise the Claritas job flow editor.
  • A new AI-based First Break QC and repick application is now available, the application iteratively QC’s the seismic, existing picks and produces an improved set of picks.
  • Improvements to the Tomo3D application.
  • SPSTAT/RESSTAT modules now use the ViewStatics application to display the statics models developed.
  • REFSTAT2D/3D – Applications now use the ViewStatics application to display the statics models developed.

Here is a closer look at some of our stand-out new features and enhancements.

Revitalised User Interface for Applications Launcher and Job flow

The GLOBEClaritas launcher is one of the main ways in which users interact with the software and as such we have taken an evolutionary rather than revolutionary approach to updating the software. The new applications launcher uses more modern UI frameworks to produce a much improved user experience whilst maintaining a familiar appearance for our existing users.

GlobeClaritas launcher V7.4

  • The number of tabs have been streamlined to key subsets of functionality such as Geometry/Seismic Data Viewers etc.
  • Users can now personalize the launcher to suit their own needs with the addition of a favorites tab, allowing you to populate with preferred applications and utilities all in one handy location.

Following on from the update of the Claritas Launcher we were able to update the Claritas job flow editor utilising the same graphics toolkit and again taking an evolutionary approach such that the new Job Editor has an improved user experience and a cleaner more modern look and feel whilst remaining familiar to existing users.

GLOBEClaritas V7.4 windows

New Artificial Intelligence based First Break QC & Repicking Application

We are excited to be adding a new feature, First Break QC (FBQC) to the V7.4 release. An AI-based processing package, FBQC, is designed to analyse the quality of first-break picks and to perform picking and re-picking. The Claritas hdf5 seismic file containing the first break picks is used to train the neural network (NN) in FBQC such that the dominant patterns in the data are identified and QC’d to determine consistent and inconsistent traces.

GLOBEClaritas v7.4 AI

GLOBEClaritas V7.4 artificial intelligence

The NN is trained precisely for the dataset being used and as such is better able to identify nuances specific to the dataset.

GLOBEClaritas customers can download the latest release from the client portal

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