GLOBEClaritas V7.0 Tutorials now available

With the release of GLOBEClaritas V7.0 we have updated our current tutorials, so they are now all compliant with the latest release.

The GLOBEClaritas team would like to encourage currently supported users to visit the Client Portal and download the latest versions of the GLOBEClaritas seismic processing tutorials.

What differences will you see?

The Wavelet, 2D Advanced Marine and 3D Marine Geometry have undergone the biggest transformation and you will find they now provide a valuable set of example jobs and workflows that can be adapted for your own projects.

Meaningful updates for the 3D Land tutorial have been also been completed. This was already a relatively new tutorial, but it now incorporates the significant improvements to Geometry and refraction Statics from the last couple of releases.

The 2D Land and Marine tutorials are as standard regularly updated with each release, however they too have had small changes to bring them up to date for V7.0

If you have any suggestions for job flows you would like incorporated into the tutorials drop us an email on

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