Here at Petrosys we love to make maps, to those familiar with us this is probably not a surprise as the Petrosys PRO mapping software makes it easy. Our mapping gurus, both those at Petrosys and in our wider user community, love to create high quality presentation style maps that convey in a clear and concise way exactly what the map maker is intending. It was only natural therefore, that we would want to share these wonderful maps, and so, The Big Book of Petrosys Maps was born.

The completed books are usually to be found on display at our tradeshow booths around the globe, so next time you visit a Petrosys stand ask and we’ll be more than happy to show it to you. However, if you just can’t wait we have also turned some of the more recent books into videos.

We are now on volume 7 of The Big Book of Petrosys Maps and each year we invite all our users, within Petrosys and throughout our client base to submit a map to be included in the book. The winner of the best map (as decided by one of the very fair and impartial senior gurus) is awarded the coveted title of ‘Petrosys Mapping Guru 2018’, a title they are free to use for the rest of the year!

If you think you have a map worthy of being included in Volume 7 or 8 please send it to us, the entry information is below. Please send your map entries or any questions to ashley.conway@petrosys.com.au.

The Big Book of Petrosys Maps Entry Requirements

Submission Deadline: 25th April 2018 – maps received after this date will be entered into the next book.
Map File Type: Image file, jpeg., png. etc
File Size:  Max 10MB
Map Title & Summary: Please include your map title and a short summary of what it is showing.
Data: You must ensure you have permission for all data used to be published in the book and online and include the necessary citations.