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Title: Using StarSteer’s Vendor-Independent Resistivity in Australia

Webinar ROGII StarSteer

Join the ROGII and Petrosys teams for an upcoming special webinar on March 16th where will explore the applications of Rogii’s Resistivity Module in Australia!


What you will learn

For many geologists, drilling with resistivity tools means losing the ability to make interpretations in-house. Using StarSteer, the first geosteering software with a Resistivity module, this webinar will demonstrate how you can use your data to make vendor-independent and user-friendly resistivity interpretations.

In conventional, heavy oil or carbonate reservoirs, when the Gamma contrast in the target is muted and unsuitable geosteering, or when exiting the target may lead to a sidetrack, additional logs such as Propagation Resistivity may be used.Resistivity interpretation technique is different from GR as it cannot be directly compared with the Typewell due a number of physical effects. StarSteer allows users to easily model boundary/shoulder and proximity effects with polarization horns, as well as the anisotropy of the formation.

StarSteer’s forward resistivity modeling is the fastest on the market due to parallel processing calculations. The Earth Model feature allows users to create a cross-section and populate it with the resistivity properties; additionally, it is the only geosteering software with a resistivity inversion module, regardless of the tool provider. Real-time resistivity logs can be streamed directly into the software to have the distance to boundary calculated for real-time, proactive decisions.

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Petrosys is working in partnership with ROGII in the Australia and New Zealand Pacific market. If you would like to talk about ROGII contact our team of experts.