What’s New in Petrosys PRO 2019.2

Software Training Course

/What’s New in Petrosys PRO 2019.2

What you can expect to achieve from this course

Ensure you know how to use the latest functionality in Petrosys PRO and how to integrate these features into your workflows, enhancing your productivity.

Who should attend

This training course is directed at the existing Petrosys PRO user who is already familiar with the software and/or has attended the Getting Started with Petrosys PRO course and who wants to continue to learn more about new functionality and how to incorporate this into daily use.

Course content – Typical workflow

  • Map Templates – learn the difference between style templates and extent templates and discover how these can be shared and re-used across teams
  • Lowest Closing Contours – Run the LCC tool to identify closures on your surfaces
  • Probabilistic Resource Calculator – Use the PRC volumetrics tool to generate probabilistic (Monte-Carlo style volumetrics)
  • Log Signature Maps – Find out how to style and present your log data on maps
  • Raster to Vector – Look at all the functionality available to tell Petrosys what to extract from your raster images and turn them into vector formats
  • Spatial Editor – Learn how to create/edit grids using the spatial editor and then perform localised regridding
  • Basemaps – create and style maps which can be re-used by others in your team
  • Drag and drop – fast and easy display from Petrel, DSG and standalone files
  • Excel – Discover the variety of places where you can use Excel files directly
  • Well penetration report – See where your planned well will intersect your surfaces
  • Export to PDF – Look at the more modern options for publishing maps

Course length

0.5 day

Availability and registration

To check the availability of this course view the public training schedules for your region:

America, Asia, OZ & NZ, Canada, Europe.


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