Introduction to Petrosys PRO is designed as a 1 day introduction for the new user. Areas covered such as Petrosys PRO project management, map creation and surface modeling will enable the new user to utilize the most important modules in Petrosys PRO in a confident and efficient manner when back in the workplace.

Who Should Attend

This course is directed at the active geoscientist, engineer or technical assistant who needs to produce maps and integrate spatial, raster and surface information from workstations and other sources, but who has not yet had exposure to Petrosys PRO mapping.

Length of Course

1 Day



Course Content

The 1 day introduction course covers the following topics:

  • Coordinate reference systems – what you need to know to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Petrosys PRO concepts – how Petrosys PRO is structured, creating projects and the basic concepts needed to use the software effectively.
  • Map sheets – what map sheets are and how to create them.
  • Displaying data and display lists – displaying seismic, spatial data (including using thematic mapping), wells and faults.
  • Connection manager – using the Petrosys PRO connection manager to display and grid data from sources like IHS Kingdom, Petrel, GeoFrame, Openworks, and many more.
  • Overview of Gridding and Contouring – creation of a grid from one or more data sources and defining the appropriate parameters; computing contours.
  • 3D Viewer – the 3D viewer allows the user to QC your interpretation as well as save a movie so that others without a Petrosys PRO license can view your interpretation in a media player.

Availability and Registration

To check availability of this course see our public training schedules for your region:

America, Asia, OZ & NZ, Canada, Europe.