Getting Started in Petrosys PRO

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/Getting Started in Petrosys PRO

What you can expect to achieve from this course

By the end of the Getting Started in Petrosys PRO training course you will be able to;

  • Make a high-quality map showing a combination of your data.
  • Create a depth structure surface
  • Identify potential prospectivity
  • Publish a final depth map for review

Who should attend

This course is directed at the active geoscientist, engineer or technical assistant who needs to produce maps and integrate spatial, raster and surface information from workstations and other sources, but who have not yet had exposure to Petrosys PRO mapping.

Course content – Typical workflow

  • Display Data – Make a basemap of your data
  • Subsurface Mapping – Make a grid of time, Depth Convert
  • Spatial Editor – Edit some contours and locally regrid
  • Volumetrics – Identify a prospect and run some basic volumes
  • Finalize Map – Smarten up the map with Templates and styles. Update color bar and legend, overpost correct and publish to PDF

Course length

1 day

Availability and registration

To check the availability of this course and register to attend, view the public training schedules for your region:

America, Asia, OZ & NZ, Canada, Europe.


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