The 1/2 day course covers the calculation of volumes from top structure to a reference plane, between a top and base structure, and an isopach which represents gross sand interval, net sand, or net pay zones.

Who Should Attend

This course is directed at the active geoscientist, engineer or technical assistant who needs to calculate accountable and precise volumes of structure or isopach grids.

Length of Course:

1/2 Day


The course assumes that users have had significant exposure to Petrosys, and should have at least attended the course Getting Started in  Petrosys PRO or the Making Better Maps course. The attendee should have a good understanding of depth conversion techniques and prior attendance of the Depth & Velocity Modeling course is therefore recommended.

Course Content

The course covers the following workflow:

  1. Key concepts in Petrosys volumetrics – geological models, vertical sense cell refinement, and slice thickness.
  2. Volumetric computation – Detailed look at volume and area computation.
  3. Volumetrics quality control – Cell size, faults, clipping grids, missing grid values, checklists.
  4. Volume types – calculating volumes from a top surface to a reference plane, between 2 surfaces, or from an isopach grid.
  5. Create gross pay interval grids using the arithmetic operations and function lists.
  6. Reporting in HTML formats.

This course is often combined with Workflow Automation and Analysis.

Availability and Registration

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