The new version of Petrosys brings with it a big upgrade to the Contour Fault and Polygon editing toolkit. Past users will notice a new option to “enable stream edit mode” when editing contours, faults and polygons. Stream mode was designed to work with input devices such as the Wacom tablet, but you can just use a normal mouse as well. When you launch the tool to add/edit contours, faults or polygons you will see a new window that has some extra options. In this mode holding down the left mouse button and dragging the cursor draws a continuous line and allows you to easily add multiple objects.

Quickly draw smooth continuous contours by holding down the left mouse button and completing the contour by double clicking.

Hand editing contours is much quicker with fewer button clicks and less data entry. You can now easily add multiple contour lines without manually typing in contour increments. The contour level increases based on a pre-set contour increment (i.e. 10, 20, 50, etc.) and new contour lines can have the level controlled by this increment level.

Stream mode lets you set contour increments, current level, polygon names and fault details.


While drawing objects, double clicking finishes the current line or polygon. This makes adding multiple lines a breeze. Just double click to add the current contour and start up on the next contour, fault or polygon. You also have control over how smooth the lines end up: setting different compression levels will control interpolation between nodes.

Easily control the smoothness and contour level with the stream mode interface.



Contour, fault or polygon files edited in Petrosys can be used for a variety of tasks. It is possible to create grids that incorporate hand drawn faults and contours. This allows you to add control points to the gridding operation or to influence the final grid with your geologic interpretation of the structure. You can also clip previously created grids to new polygons or easily export these files directly to other applications or third-party data types such as shape files or file geodatabases.

If you want to see the new tools in action click here for a short video. Interested in learning more about the Contour Fault and Polygon editing tools? Be sure to attend the upcoming webinar “Editing Contours Faults and Polygons in Petrosys.” Remember you can always send questions to