Software as a Service – PetroCubic WorkSpaces

The quality mapping, flexible surface calculations, accountable volumetrics and repeatable workflows that are used to – now all available at short notice through PetroCubic WorkSpaces.

Petrosys PRO  – Software as a Service

Petrosys PRO is now available on a pay per use basis through PetroCubic WorkSpaces, an easily accessible cloud hosted service that gives you a data processing environment scaled to the needs of your project, whether it’s just a couple of maps to round off a prospect review, or a major field study leveraging an international team of experts.

Who is PetroCubic?

PetroCubic is an online platform that connects skilled experts with oil and gas companies for project-based work. Use PetroCubic WorkSpaces to work with industry’s leading software on pay-as-you-go model.

Only Pay For What You Use

  • Chose from daily, weekly and monthly plans to match your software investment to your project cash flow.
  • Schedule your software use in line with project timelines for effective cost recovery on consulting projects.

Globally Accessible

  • Being cloud hosted, your workspace isn’t tied to any single computer or location.
  • Create a shared workspace for global collaboration on international projects.

How to Get Started

1. Go to

2. Decide on a plan that fits your needs

3. Place your order. Done!

You’ll have your login details with everything you need pre-installed and ready to use within 24 hours.

How does it work?