• Better exploration decisions from more powerful maps and flexible data management tools
  • Find elusive targets by rapidly testing a wider range of geological scenarios
  • Refine reservoir attributes and shapes in a map view before committing to reservoir models
  • Apply standardised processes for reserves estimation and cataloguing
  • Track the performance and manage development of producing fields

The intuitive interface and powerful connectivity of Petrosys mapping and surface modeling means that geoscientists and engineers can move easily between the wide range of technical and commercial challenges encountered across all stages of the petroleum exploration and development cycle.

Built with access to a broad range of data management tools and stores, and having excellent dynamic handling of global and historic coordinate reference systems, Petrosys provides a solid foundation for working with geotechnical data both at the regional and the field scale.

In addition to surface modeling and production quality mapping with intuitive display options specific to well, seismic, and geomodeling display types, Petrosys features a surprising array of additional tools that have been identified as useful additions to workflows by our established base of enthusiastic users.

Directional survey computations, seismic velocity handling, vertical time to depth conversion, well tie operations, geostatistics, and a range of data exchange tools, are all accessible to the Petrosys user allowing extensive parts of exploration and development workflows to be completed in the Petrosys environment.

View a graphical diagram of the E & P workflow.

Understand more about typical workflows in regional exploration, project evaluation and field development in our PDF overview (1MB):

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