Linking FaultRisk™ analysis and Petrosys maps for more confident fault interpretation

Petrosys and FaultSeal are pleased to announce a global reseller agreement for FaultRisk™ software. This will enable petroleum geoscientists to more confidently interpret the geometry and trap characteristics of faults through the combined clarity of Petrosys maps and advanced structural interpretation of the FaultRisk™ suite.

Both companies focus on helping geoscientists map their prospects and effectively incorporate faults in the surface modeling and volumetrics estimation process.

“Providing geoscientists with the opportunity to improve fault geometric resolution and quantify seal characteristics using FaultRisk™ products is a natural extension to our core value proposition”, commented Volker Hirsinger, Managing Director of Petrosys.

Titus Murray, FaultRisk™ CEO, highlighted geoscientists need for a collaborative approach. “We recognize that Petrosys is the industry leader in E&P mapping. The ability for geoscientists to bring together knowledge from a diverse range of sources, such as Kingdom, Landmark, Petrel, Paradigm etc., is vital to achieving the most effective interpretation. The ability to visualize, edit and tune fault interpretations from these sources is a core function performed in Petrosys and of great value to geoscientists”.

With commercial energy opportunities focused increasingly on fault dependent reservoirs, knowing which faults seal and which faults leak is critical to the effective evaluation of a prospect and defining trap volume.

FaultRisk™ takes into account uncertainty and calculates the probability of faults being sealed and the range of volumes trapped in a prospect. Understanding and quantifying traps and the quality of seals based on the properties of faults helps geoscientists to understand risk, quantify the size of hydrocarbon columns and optimize well positions to explore, appraise and develop resources.

Petrosys clients interested in evaluating or implementing fault risk analysis as part of their workflow should contact their Petrosys account manager or email for more details.

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The FaultSeal team is an international group of professional geoscientists, IT specialists, and support staff that are dedicated to providing the best consulting and software tools to analyse the impact of fault seal on reservoirs.