Committed to extending its globally recognized support services, oil and gas technology company Petrosys is excited to announce the launch of its Client Portal.

The new online portal will provide users with quick and easy access to the latest Petrosys software updates, help manage their support queries, and provide secure exchange of documents and data. The portal will also serve as an easy access point for the latest learning videos, webinars and documentation on how to leverage the value of Petrosys in subsurface and other E&P workflows.

“Petrosys is already renowned for its speedy response and expert technical assistance. The self-service facility will provide even faster access to some of the common help services by giving users control over when and where they access this information.” said Petrosys CEO, Ian Little. “Think of it as an on-demand service.”

The current features and options provide much of the content most commonly requested by users, and there are plans to add more resources in the future. Petrosys welcomes user suggestions for additional content and features.

The Client Portal is now accessible via a client only login area on the Petrosys website homepage. All users at maintained sites and who are already in the Petrosys database have immediate access at no additional cost, and can login by simply entering their email address. They will immediately be issued a unique temporary password, providing them access to the above features. Anyone else wanting access can contact Petrosys Support ( to get a login.

About Petrosys

Petrosys is the industry leader in mapping, surface modelling and data management software solutions – delivering direct connectivity with the most popular exploration, production and GIS data sources. The Petrosys® software suite produces high quality maps and surface models. It manages seismic, well, geoscience and other specialised data used in the search for oil and gas.

Customers at more than 250 sites worldwide use Petrosys® as an essential tool for basin and field interpretation.

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