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Assisting Students In Developing Skills In Geoscience Mapping – $ PRIZE on offer
Our Educational Software Grant Program has now been extended to individual students who may want to benefit from Petrosys for their projects.

Petrosys Version 17.8.3 Now Available
Version 17.8.3 was released on 13th December and features 2 main benefits: enhanced access to a richer array of polygon types in Landmark projects; and direct use of Fault Sticks from Kingdom projects.

Automatically Create A Folder Structure In A Petrosys Project
Learn how to automatically create folders and subfolders within a project directory, to better organise your company’s data.

Displaying And Gridding Excel-Based Data In Petrosys
With Petrosys it is possible to include your Excel data in Mapping and Surface Modeling workflows. Discover how you can display and grid excel-based data appropriately.

Dear Steve…
I have some blank areas near the faults in my grid. How can I fix these holes in my grid for a more accurate volumetric computation?

Petrosys Training
Many clients are taking advantage of the adaptable training solutions Petrosys has to offer, including in-house remote training and online training options. We’ve got a course for you!

Meet The Team…
This month Anu Venugopal from the Petrosys Asia office joins us for a quick Q&A.