A message from the CEO

Bringing together the team to support our clients – A message from the C.E.O.

As the synergy between Petrosys and Interica products has brought the teams even closer together we have combined our support teams into regional groups, expanding further our global reach and resources to best serve our customers in their local time zones. We have challenged our support team to ensure that we retain the timeliness and quality of our call responses across a wide range of our group products/services in all corners of the globe.

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New Release Interica OneView™ 2022.1.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Interica OneView V2022.1.0 with new functionality and significant performance improvements. Here are just a few of the IOV v2022.1.0 release highlights. ...

New OSDU™ Wells Connector for Petrosys PRO

Petrosys has introduced the brand new OSDU™ wells connector with the latest release, Petrosys PRO 2021.2. The new OSDU™ connector supports reading well headers, directional surveys, formation tops and well logs from OSDU™ R3. ...

Supporting all our clients around the globe

As a group, Petrosys with Interica, GLOBEClaritas, and GPinfo are looking forward to continuing to build and enhance our support network to best serve our clients and partners and we are pleased to welcome a familar face back to the Global Support Team. ...

Talk to Jenny – Retrieving archived Petrel projects with well tops

When IOV archives my Petrel projects to the cloud, can I find and retrieve projects which have particular Well Tops and if so, how do I do this? The value of archiving Petrel (and other application) projects to your chosen cloud storage using IOV is that you can place these projects into cheaper, ‘cold’ storage. ...

GPinfo 2022 Permits Map Coming Soon

GPinfo is getting ready to launch the 2022 Petroleum Permits of Australasia Map at APPEA 2022. The GPinfo Petroleum Permits of Australasia Map, produced annually with industry support and assistance, is the most accurate and up-to-date map of its kind and an essential tool for any company associated with the petroleum industry. ...
fault stats

Fault Statistics – Understanding patterns, behaviour, and growth

Faults play a large role in how we perceive the distribution of sediments and migration of fluids throughout the subsurface. As such, understanding fault patterns, behaviour and growth is critical throughout the O&G sector and has vital implications for CCS development. ...

Petrosys & ROGII – Successful and Collaborative Partnership

Petrosys is celebrating 2 years partnership with ROGII building a successful and collaborative relationship that has delivered software into the hands of our customers, adding significant value to exploration and development campaigns in conventional and unconventional projects. ...

Dear Steve…Can I see my well log data in the 3D Viewer?

With the release of the new 3D Viewer in Petrosys PRO 2021.2, you can now visualise log data along the well path. ...

Ask Andy… Remove linear noise using Tau-P domain mute

Ask Andy! Can you explain how to effectively remove linear noise using a Tau-P domain mute? Tau-P domain muting is a powerful tool for the removal of coherent linear noise such as refractions and direct arrivals, allowing for more open outer mutes.
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Achieving Value Faster on OSDU™ Data Platform with Interica OneView

Interica OneView now integrates with AWS QuickSight providing dynamic capability that immediately gives users insights into their data, in context with legacy structured datasets on the OSDU Data Platform.
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