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A message from the C.E.O.

Petrosys has a well-established history of playing well with others, we have long recognised the value to our clients in having our software and data management solutions work across multiple platforms and operating systems. We have significant plans to explore and evolve continuing to invest in data integration, open standards, and modern platforms, and have joined our sister company Interica this year as committed members of OSDU.

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Can I use a web map service as my location map?

A couple of years ago Petrosys PRO introduced the ability to use a dbm. file with WMS layers as a location map. Not only that but location maps can also be included within the map template and displayed in your map by selecting the relevant style template at any time. ...
ArcGIS Pro

Displaying OSDU and subsurface data inside ArcGIS Pro

Petrosys are no strangers to working with partners and developing 3rd party connections that allow our customers to bring together the data they need with ease. With the highly anticipated Petrosys add-in for ArcGIS Pro coming soon we take a look back at how the story developed. ...
OSDU Petrosys R&D

Exploring the OSDU Universe

The Petrosys R&D Roadmap is committed to OSDU™; as members of the Open Group, participating in networking and best practices discussions and developing a connector that enables the extraction and visualisation of Well data from OSDU™. ...
PPDM Linking Structured & Unstructured Data

Petrosys & Interica presenting at PPDM Europe Virtual Data Byte

The Petrosys and Interica teams are looking forward to presenting ‘Linking structured data to unstructured data: An E&P industry collaboration to improve future decisions’ at the upcoming PPDM Association’s Europe Virtual Data Byte on 19th May 2021. ...
GPinfo Geognostics

GPinfo working in partnership with Geognostics OZ SEEBASE

GPinfo has been working in partnership with Geognostics to make available these updated Geognostics OZ SEEBASE images for Australia to GPinfo users. The area of coverage now includes Papua New Guinea. ...

GPinfo Thank Sponsors of 2021 Permits Map

A ‘must have’ in the office for many of our key sponsors, the GPinfo 2021 Petroleum Permits of Australasia Map will soon be released at the upcoming APPEA Conference in June. ...

Grid Arithmetic – How to create conditional grids using if…else

Occasionally, we receive an email in the Support Inbox that reminds me how easy it is to resolve complex mapping challenges in Petrosys PRO - when you know where the tools are! One such email we received recently was to with a specific template in our Grid Arithmetic tool. The ifelse template. ...
Petrosys PRO 2020.2.2

New Release: Petrosys PRO 2020.2.2 Highlights

The Petrosys PRO 2020.2.2 release builds on the collection of new and enhanced features in PRO 2020.1, across Connectivity, Mapping and Surface Modeling. Petrosys PRO 2020.2 delivers the latest new functionality while development and improvements to existing features continue to provide our clients with high value in their software investment ...

Interica OneView integration with OSDU R3 Mercury Data Platform

Mar 30, 2021

Interica announces new integration with the OSDU Data Platform Mercury release. Interica joined The Open Group OSDU™ Forum in 2019 and have been working closely with Amazon Web Services to develop new connectivity to the OSDU Data Platform.

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Ask Andy Interpolation

Ask Andy…Interpolating irregular land datasets


Ask Andy: Is there a way to interpolate irregular land datasets in GLOBEClaritas? Yes! There are two methods using GLOBEClaritas – the MISSING/RUNMIX approach and using the OFFREG/DEOFFREG method.
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