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Introducción a Petrosys

An Overview of Petrosys Mapping and Surface Modeling Software

[5 min] 2012 Jun 01

Petrosys delivers tools & services to integrate subsurface knowledge through maps, surface computations, & data management with direct links to key subsurface petroleum Exploration & Production applications & GIS data stores.

Our desktop mapping application allows subsurface team members to use a presentation and decision quality map canvas to explore, improve, and present the well, seismic, topographic, land and other data they are working on along with the related subsurface models and exploitation plans and outcomes.

Petrosys surface modeling converts the diverse range of data types used in petroleum EP into regularly spaced grids. In conjunction with our smart grid cell interpolation and sensitive handling of geological faults these are readily manipulated to allow analysis of structures, reservoir attributes and velocities.

Gross rock volumes and net pay maps can be computed directly or via scriptable workflows, with a 3D visualization tool allowing rapid visual confirmation.

Direct connectivity to the most popular EP applications from Halliburton, Schlumberger, Paradigm, IHS and others, along with links into ArcGIS and many popular GIS stores, makes the power of the Petrosys applications suite accessible to your exploration or production team without the delays or learning curves associated with file based transfers.

Videos escogidos de PETEX 2012

PETEX 2012 FaultRisk

[5 min] 2012 Nov 16

Analysing the impact of fault seal on reservoirs

PETEX 2012 Introduction to Petrosys

[5 min] 2012 Nov 16

An overview of how Petrosys can help your workflows

PETEX 2012 What's new in 17 3

[5 min] 2012 Nov 16

A summary of the functionality in the new version of Petrosys

Petrosys Data Transfer With Petrel

[5 min] 2012 Nov 09

By effortlessly exporting point, line and polygon data, the Petrosys plug-in for Petrel simplifies the challenge of getting GIS data, spreadsheets and data from 3rd party applications into Petrel. Interpretation from point data sets, contours, cultural information in Shapefiles, Excel and ASCII files, amongst others, has never been easier. The plug-in also helps with transferring data from Petrel to GIS and can convert coordinate systems seamlessly. With an easy to use interface and support for the latest versions of Petrel and ArcMap, join us to see how the Petrosys plug-in for Petrel can speed up your workflows. Webinar delivered on 7-Nov-2012.

PETEX 2012 Mapping Case Study

[5 min] 2012 Nov 16

A Case Study of how Petrosys helps with faster and higher quality licence applications

Más Videos

Workflows and Looping in Petrosys

[5 min] 2013 Mar 21

Petrosys Data Transfer With Petrel

[5 min] 2012 Nov 09

What's New in Petrosys Version 17.3

[5 min] 2012 Oct 30

Merging Grids in Petrosys

[5 min] 2012 Oct 08

Editing Contours Faults and Polygons in Petrosys

[5 min] 2012 Aug 27

Advanced Gridding in Petrosys: Kriging

[5 min] 2012 Aug 03

The Petrosys Plugin for Petrel

[5 min] 2011 Aug 04

Depth Conversion With Petrosys

[5 min] 2011 Sep 01

The Petrosys Plug-in for Esri

[5 min] 2011 Aug 05

What's New in Petrosys 17

[5 min] 2011 Aug 04

Using 3D Visualization to Improve the Understanding of 2D Interpretation

[5 min] 2011 Dec 09

Solving Geoscience Data Management Challenges

[5 min] 2011 Aug 05

Jump Start to Using Petrosys

[5 min] 2011 Sep 29

Paradigm Integration With Petrosys

[5 min] 2011 Aug 04

Petrosys Cartography: Coordinate Management

[5 min] 2011 Aug 04

Volumetrics With Petrosys

[5 min] 2012 Feb 10

Improvements to the Petrosys Plugin for Petrel

[5 min] 2012 Mar 30

SeisWare Integration With Petrosys

[5 min] 2011 Nov 01

Effectively Utilizing Third Party Data in Petrosys

[5 min] 2012 May 14