I have interpreted some seismic and well data in other software packages such as Petrel and IHS Kingdom. I now want to use this data in Petrosys. What is the best way to do this? Should I import the data into Petrosys data structures like SDF and WDF, or just use/display the data directly?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. Which option you choose to use depends on what you want to do, and perhaps what modules you have installed.

If you wish to import data into our data structures like SDF and WDF then this is easily achieved from the main Petrosys menu, using the Import option. You just select Import and chose from the relevant data source to get at seismic interpretation, well and culture data from a variety of sources, such as IHS Kingdom and Petrel. Once in a Petrosys data structure the user has the ability to make changes to the data before they display or grid this data.

Direct display or use of the data
The other option is to use the Petrosys direct connection ability. This allows you to display G&G data directly from other data sources or use this data directly in our surface modeling option. The advantage of this is that the user can very quickly create and view presentation quality maps using data from multiple sources (such as IHS Kingdom and Petrel), in multiple coordinate reference systems, without duplicating anything.

Another benefit of this technique is that if the interpretation is updated in the parent software package, then Petrosys will re-query it and display the new interpretation dynamically.

So Petrosys suggests that the ability to both import and work with data in our data structures, and also to directly use data from 3rd party data stores, compliment each other nicely. Please feel free to contact our excellent Support team if you would like any further assistance for recommendations to your workflows!