dbMap/Web Version 2021.3

Announcing the release of dbMap/Web 2021.3, the powerful web interface to the Petrosys dbMap Data Management Solution. Version 2021.3 sees significant improvements to performance, a new loader for Rock Evaluation data, and a collection of enhancements.

Performance enhancements

There is a collection of performance enhancements in this release:

  • When performing a search in Records Management, the initial population of the list can take a little while to populate when there are millions of items. In some tests performance is up to 10 times faster.
  • Several changes have been made to improve the performance of Audit History tracking. The most significant improvement is seen when inserting new data. In some cases, this could make importing data between 5 and 20 times faster.
  • A potential intermittent performance problem with the Data quality tab on the well header and other screens has been resolved.

New Data Loaders

dbMap/Web 2021.2 has already delivered a number of new data loaders and functionality to support reformatting data files as they are loaded to avoid needing to copy & paste data into a different format, and building on previous releases.

Each of these data loaders comes with support for trial runs without committing changes to the database, useful messages when there is a data error preventing loading and progress notification as the data loading job runs. The formation tops loader also comes with additional functionality to calculate TVD values if they are missing as the records are imported.

The new data loaders are:

• Well aliases
• Reservoir summaries
• Formation tops (Replacing older data loader)
• Directional surveys (Replacing older data loader)
• Checkshot surveys (Replacing older data loader)

Rock Evaluation Data Loader

In dbMap/Web v 2021.3 we are pleased to be able to add to this collection of data loaders with the new loader for importing Rock Evaluation analysis data.

Rock evaluation data loader

Full release notes are available for download from the dbMap Software Releases page or existing customers can download dbMap/Web v2021.3  from the Petrosys Client Portal.