GLOBEClaritas V7.1

Significant improvements in new GLOBEClaritas release – V7.1

The GLOBEClaritas team are pleased to be delivering our second major release, V7.1 under the Petrosys banner, with significant improvements being made to enhance the user experience.  We appreciate the continued support of our growing client base for GLOBEClaritas software and welcome the valuable feedback you provide enabling us to continually improve.

Here are just a few of the highlights our users can take advantage of in V7.1;

SEISREAD module now with faster read & sort: major improvements have been made to the data read and sort capabilities of the GLOBEClaritas HDF5 format, providing significant runtime enhancements to most processing flows in GLOBEClaritas.

2D and 3D Depth migrations: now supporting VTI Anisotropy to allow users to image seismic data with greater accuracy.

Easier Search in GLOBEClaritas: upgrades made to the search function make it simple and straightforward to search data files and select datasets required via embedded tags, removing the frustration of wading through a large number of datasets to identify the ones needed.

JCS and JCSUPDATE modules in EXCEL: enhancements included to allow the JCS and JCSUPDATE modules to include Excel, csv or Ascii column formatted files, in addition to the GLOBEClaritas internal format. This enables users to use spreadsheets supplied by the acquisition tape transcription company directly in the GLOBEClaritas project rather than having to convert to GLOBECLaritas format.

GRIFFON and 2D Marine Geometry advancements: new improvements to GRIFFON allow for more complex expressions with conditional application to be used, while updates to the simple 2D Marine Geometry script allow for the creation of the CDPTRACE header.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind users of the change of email addresses for support ( and for general information ( Please contact us if you have any questions.

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