Q. Dear Steve, Can I draw multiple line segments in Petrosys PRO?


Since the release of software version Petrosys PRO 2019.2.1, users have been able to draw multiple line segments at once. This new tool within the Spatial Editor is especially helpful to those who would like to represent lateral wells as feature classes.

The workflow to draw these line segments is very straightforward, let’s take a look at the steps,

Create – or open- an existing feature class within the Spatial Editor (File > Create… or File > Open…).

Remember Petrosys PRO supports the standard GIS formats used in the industry, including 3rd party connection formats, i.e. Petrel, OpenWorks, Shapefiles, Excel spreadsheet, File Geodatabase, and our native formats.

Once the layer is in edit mode, the user can take advantage of this new tool to draw line segments.

To do this, click on the ‘Interactively add line segment of fixed size and angle’ icon.

Tip: hover the cursor over the icons to get tooltips.

Once this tool has been selected, a new section will be displayed at the bottom.

To add single line segments, specify the ‘distance’ and ‘angle’ of the segment, along with the units. Over the map area, the cursor should now be displayed as ‘cross-hair’. Click on the desired location and the segment will be added to the map. Click on the map repeatedly to create more single line segments.

Multiple line segments can be added in the Spatial Editor by enabling the ‘parallel’ and/or ‘perpendicular’ options, allowing the user to specify the gaps at which they should be separated.

As described previously, the cursor will turn to ‘cross-hair’ mode over the map area. Simply click on the maps and multiple line segments will be added following the specified parameters.

Once all the required line segments have been drawn, the user can save these edits and close the Spatial Editor.

The file can now be displayed as normal via – Display > GIS…

Alternatively, line segments can be drawn using a new option called ‘Split new shapes into line segments. By enabling it once the user starts to draw segments of lines in the mapping area, each section of the line will be represented as an individual shape.

More on these new tools have been captured as workflows that users can download directly from the Client Portal.

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