Significant new features and updates for PLDB in dbMap/Web 2019.4

Petrosys is committed to the continuous enhancement of all software, ensuring the latest features and functionality are in the hands of our users as soon as possible.

The latest release of dbMap/Web 2019.4 continues this commitment with the introduction of significant new features to PLDB, substantially improving the estimation of resources functionality; while continued development of the Well Failure Analysis module has resulted in enhancements allowing for more complex data.

Risk Model Guidance Enhancement

PLDB users will now be able to access the latest addition to the software, Risk Model Guidance. This new module in PLDB provides guidance to geoscientists, via a series of configurable questions, whose answers provide suggested ranges for risk ‘sub-factors’ that are then combined to a final risk value for each risk element, (closure, seal, reservoir and source).

Tornado Plots

Further improving the resource estimation process, Tornado Plots have been added to PLDB. These give an insight as to which of the input parameters has the greatest effect on the final resource estimate.

Tornado Plots in PLDB

Well Failure Analysist Enhancements

Key changes to the WFA improve the ability to work with complex data, including; min and max values for play and source analysis attributes; the support of base depths for pressure and temperature data as well the ability to specify multiple records in a single row for imported pressure and temperature data.

For more on what’s new in dbMap/Web 2019.4 please see the full release notes or contact your local Petrosys office.