Part of the Vela Software Inc. family along with Petrosys, GPinfo is a petroleum data service that is provided on a subscription basis to exploration companies and other interested parties in the oil industry. It has been in operation since 1990 and has been aligned with Petrosys since January 2018.

GPinfo is regarded throughout the oil and gas industry as the most detailed and up-to-date database of Australasian petroleum exploration information available, including over 3,000 permits and 29,000 wells. Our team of petroleum information analysts collect data daily and compile a monthly update to ensure subscribers remain the most informed and up-to-date in the industry.

GPinfo has committed to sourcing current PNG license information. In September 2018, GPinfo’s Angela Willett spent some time with the PNG Department of Petroleum, accessing latest petroleum information and reconciling data. As a result, the October 2018 GPinfo data shipment included a major update to PNG permits. Areas shown in green are new or altered. Thanks to the PNG DPE for their assistance on GPinfo’s recent visit to Port Moresby.

GPinfo was represented at the PNG Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference in Sydney in early December which was attended by all the major players in the PNG sector together with government and industry bodies.

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