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Petrosys Group

Petrosys is the industry leader in mapping, surface modeling and data management software solutions – delivering direct connectivity with the E&P industry’s most popular exploration, production and GIS data sources. Petrosys produces high quality maps and surface models. It manages, edits, and analyses the underlying information including the specialised seismic, well and geoscience data used in the search for oil and gas. Geoscientists, data managers and engineers at more than 300 sites worldwide use Petrosys software as an essential tool for basin and field interpretation, to enhance enterprise data management and to help make better decisions.

Our History

Established in 1984, Petrosys revolutionised the oil and gas industry with mapping, surface modeling, connectivity and data management products for geoscience professionals. Over a 30+ year period of continued investment and growth, Petrosys has become the industry leading supplier of mapping and data management software.

In July 2017, Petrosys was acquired by Constellation Software Inc (TSX: CSU), Canada’s largest software company. Building on our history of domain expertise, coupled with CSI’s deep capabilities in the software industry, Petrosys continues to develop global-leading geoscience mapping and subsurface modeling software. Unique, powerful connectivity with a range of E&P partners, a pragmatic approach to data management and a highly respected support team, ensures that Petrosys remains the recognised expert that E&P companies worldwide have come to trust.

Corporate Structure

Petrosys Pty Ltd, the parent company in the Petrosys group, is based in Adelaide, South Australia, where Petrosys was originally founded in 1984.

Petrosys supports its global customer base via its Australian parent company and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, including:

  • Petrosys USA, Inc (office: Houston);
  • Petrosys Canada, Inc (office: Calgary);
  • Petrosys Europe Limited (office: Glasgow); and
  • Petrosys Asia Sdn Bhd (office: Kuala Lumpur).