Over the next few months Petrosys will be introducing a new webinar series, ‘Prospect Mapping – From Interpretation to Volumes’. This series of 4 webinars running monthly from September to December will cover Time Structure Maps, Depth Maps, Thickness Maps and Computing Volumes from a Net Pay Grid.

The aim of the series is to show how the entire Prospect Mapping workflow is handled within Petrosys PRO; beginning with gridding data directly from your interpretation software through to displaying it on a map and extracting polygons. We will then move on to using depth conversion methods followed by creating property maps and finally the key concepts of volumetrics in Petrosys.

For more information on each webinar and to register please visit our Webinars Page. 

Up Coming Webinars

Webinar Date Time
Time Structure Maps 19 September 2017 10am & 4pm Kuala Lumpur (MYT)
Depth Maps 19 October 2017 8am & 3pm Glasgow (BST)
Thickness Maps 16 November 2017 9am & 3.30pm Calgary (MST)
Computing Volumes from a Net Pay 14 December 2017 9am & 4pm Perth (AWST)