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Petrosys videos are an easy way to get insight, information, and demonstrations of Petrosys products and workflows.

An Overview of Petrosys Software

Petrosys C.E.O. Scott Tidemann talks about who Petrosys is, what we do and the benefits our core software solutions, Petrosys PRO, dbMap and PLDB deliver to oil and gas companies around the world. Learn more about how our tools & services integrate subsurface knowledge through maps, surface computations, & data management with direct links to key subsurface petroleum Exploration & Production applications & GIS data stores.

New Videos

Petrosys PRO Quick Insights – Drag and Drop!

[3 min] 2019 June 19th 

Cool features you need to know about! In this video, we take a closer look at how you can Drag and Drop data from multiple data sources right onto your Petrosys PRO map. Learn more about the great functionality in Petrosys PRO. In this series of short videos, we will introduce you to the many cool features of PRO that you may not be aware of.

Petrosys PRO Quick Insights – Log Exchange Tool

[4 min] 2019 July 10th 

In this 2nd video in the series, we take a closer look at the Log Exchange Tool in Petrosys PRO. Learn more about the great functionality in Petrosys PRO.

Petrosys PRO Quick Insights – Basemap Templates

[3 min] 2019 July 30th 

Cool features you need to know about!

Part of the Petrosys PRO Quick Insights Series this video introduces Basemap Templates and demonstrates just how easy they are to use.

Petrosys PRO Mapping with Petrel

[3 min] 2019 July 2nd 

A quick look at the seamless connection between Petrosys PRO and Petrel. Open Petrosys PRO from within your Petrel application and simply drag and drop data to get started.

Webinar: How to Display and Grid Well Data

[21 min] 2019 April 29th 
In this short webinar we show some of the most common, but yet powerful, workflows in Petrosys PRO that involve using well data. We also take the opportunity to show you the new features in production mapping that were incorporated into our latest release, Petrosys PRO 2019.1

Webinar: Chronicling Quality and Confidence in E&P Data

[17 min] 2019 July 18th 
Ideally, only data of the highest quality would be eligible for residency in a Master Data Management [MDM] system, however, this raises a number of questions. For example, is incomplete data better than no data at all? As interpretive data is a subjective assessment, how can you measure its quality? What’s the difference between Quality and Confidence ratings, do we need both ratings? We take a look at these questions in this webinar.

Most Popular Videos

Webinar: Exploring PLDB™ – Prospects and Leads

[25 min] 2018 December 6th 
PLDB™ (Prospects and Leads Database) is a powerful enterprise solution for creating an organised, secure repository of your prospects, leads, plays and opportunities. This webinar will give an overview of the system; showing the key functionality and explaining why it is an invaluable tool for storing and managing your petroleum portfolio.

Webinar: Introducing the Probabilistic Resource Calculator (PRC)

[17 min] 2018 November 16
The Probabilistic Resource Calculator (PRC), gives PRO users access to our tried and tested Monte-Carlo simulation capability from the Petrosys Prospects and Leads Database (PLDB). With access to a variety of computational methods for potential resource estimates, the PRC reduces risk and uncertainty by opening up the door to probabilistic modeling.

Webinar: Discovering dbMap®

[48 min] 2018 October 26
In this webinar we’ll take a look at our PPDM based data management solution, dbMap®. We have extensive coverage of Well, Seismic and Records Management modules; we also use the audit history, data dictionary, and business rules modules and the database is hosted in Oracle.

Webinar: Introducing Lowest Closing Contours

[15 min] 2018 June 20
Introducing the new Lowest Closing Contour (LCC) feature released in Petrosys PRO 2018.1. Learn how to quickly and easily identify economic prospects from a grid using well data and faults to control prospect generation.

More Videos

For more videos go to our Video Library. Here you will find past webinars as well as a collection informative videos on software tips and tricks, new features, and getting started with our products.