Online: Introduction to Petrosys

/Online: Introduction to Petrosys

Introduction to Petrosys is designed as an introduction for the new user but is also applicable to those who have had a break from Petrosys and are looking for a refresher. Areas covered such as Petrosys project management, map creation and surface modeling will enable the user to utilise the most important modules in Petrosys in a confident and efficient manner

Who Should Attend

This course is directed at the active geoscientist, engineer or technical assistant who needs to produce maps and integrate spatial, raster and surface information from workstations and other sources, but who has not yet had exposure to Petrosys mapping. It is also relevant for users who have had a break from Petrosys or who would like formal training on new features within Petrosys.


USD $600 per person – Currently Discounted to USD $300!!

  • Course is available for 3 months from date of purchase with the ability to log in and out whenever needed during this time.
  • Login details are per person and must not be shared, however, rates for multiple sign ups and corporate agreements can be negotiated – please speak to your local office.

Length of Course

The course is designed to take 1 day to complete from start to finish, however, students can study at their own pace with the ability to log in and out of the course as required (within 3 months from date of purchase). Sections can be repeated if necessary.

Course Content

Introduction to Petrosys Software
A brief overview of the key components of the software
Coordinate Reference Systems – what they are, why they are important and how Petrosys deals with them.

Understanding and Using Map Sheet
Fixed vs. dynamic map sheets and how to use each effectively to create high quality, repeatable maps.

Petrosys Concepts
How Petrosys is structured; creating projects; and the basic concepts needed to use the software effectively. How to connect to sources like IHS Kingdom, Petrel, GeoFrame, Openworks and many more is also discussed.

Displaying Data
How to display seismic, wells, faults and cultural data from a Petrosys or third party format.

Introduction to Surface Modeling
Creation of a grid and contours from one or more data sources and defining the appropriate parameters.

3D Viewer
How to view your data in 3D effectively, make styling changes and create outputs for presentation.

Printing and Plotting
All of the options for getting maps into a format used for presentation/sharing. For example, exporting to geospatial and layered PDFs.

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