Course Outlines and Schedules

//Course Outlines and Schedules
Course Outlines and Schedules 2018-11-15T03:02:05+09:30

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Public Course Schedules

The most important form of services is Professional Education and Training. We provide public, online and customized training at locations all around the globe.

Click on the schedules below to see what public courses we have coming up in your region.

Course Outlines

Beginner and Intermediate Courses

Introduction to Petrosys

Quick introduction for the new user – 1 day

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Making Better Maps

Expand your knowledge of Petrosys and follow a typical geoscience workflow – 1 day

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Database Courses

Introduction to dbMap

Discover how to use Petrosys’ database solution, including querying data and producing reports – 1/2 day

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Introduction to PLDB

Learn how to use Petrosys’ web based prospects and leads database solution to help your company meet its strategic economic targets – 1 day

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Advanced Courses

Geological Mapping & Modeling

Find out how to impart your own geological knowledge on the gridding & map making process – 1 day

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Depth & Velocity Modeling

Learn how to utilize all your data for the best depth conversion – 1 day

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Accountable Volumes

Petrosys volumetrics including pitfalls, data QC and understanding reports – 1/2 day

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Workflow Automation & Analysis

Automating tasks, building interactive workflows & getting the most of Surface Modeling – 1/2 day

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Custom Courses

Customised Courses

Petrosys can provide a custom course to suit your time, your data and your needs. Download our Custom Courses Flyer for more information.

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