Version 17.8 focuses on improved mapping and editing of data. Many of the mapping improvements aim to make it easier to use consistent map templates across maps of different scales and extents, simplifying final map production and improving map automation workflows. Location maps can be dynamic, and map elements like title blocks can be positioned relative to the map frame – helping to easily apply corporate mapping standards.

User feedback on the popular spatial editor has helped both streamline and enrich editing operations, particularly when applied to contours and faults. The release also see the spatial editor now incorporate powerful (new) grid editing capability that updates surfaces as the nodes or associated contours and faults are edited. This allows users to influence surface interpretations without having to go through the contour editing stage.

Connectivity is enhanced with direct import of DEM, ArcGrid binary and other Raster files to the Petrosys grid file – enhancing support for digital elevation models. Another of the key connectivity enhancements is the ability to drag and drop objects from a Petrel session on to a Petrosys map.

Workflow automation has been enhanced both in the user interface for developing and running workflows and in the underlying functionality such as looping and map generation.

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