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You’re never alone. We’re right here with tech support and advice for all our mapping gurus.

Petrosys is meant to be a means of streamlining your way to extraordinary success. Which means if you run into a technical difficulty, we’re on the spot to help solve your issues so you can get back to the real work of finding oil & gas.

The Petrosys global support team is highly respected among mapping gurus for speedy response and expert technical assistance. We invite you to take advantage of the teams expertise to resolve questions quickly and make the most of your software investment.


For more than a quarter of a century, Petrosys has specialized in the development and delivery of unique mapping software solutions for petroleum exploration and production….
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Software Release Notes

This is a dynamic, ever-changing field. We are committed to providing the worlds most sophisticated and useful E&P software systems to the petroleum industry – always…
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Support Request

Support requests can be made by email, telephone or via the online support form below…
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Supported Environments

Mapping with Petrosys is a natural way to bring together facts and ideas from a range of disciplines and data sources. Petrosys’ direct interfaces to many of the specialised applications used by EP professionals ensure that EP teams have better…
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This page offers utilities that you may find useful in your E&P mapping and data management.The utilities are provided entirely without warranty and are not formally supported by Petrosys, although Petrosys support may walk supported clients through their use where…
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