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August, 2018

MGPalaeo, Australian biostratigraphic experts, and Petrosys, the industry leader in mapping, surface-modeling and data-management software solutions, have signed an agreement that will allow data from MGPaleo’s AUSTRALIS™ geological database to be made available within the GPinfo data visualisation and manipulation package.

From August 2018, GPinfo subscribers will be able to view a high-level summary of all available geological data (biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, and sequence stratigraphic picks, plus wireline logs, checkshot surveys, deviation data, and more) within MGPalaeo’s AUSTRALIS database. This currently covers approximately 2000 wells across the North West Shelf, and further wells from other geographical regions will be added in the coming months.

MGPalaeo’s ground-breaking AUSTRALIS geological database contains the most up-to-date interpretation of stratigraphical data that exists, with all palynological data reviewed and revised to one consistent zonation scheme (the industry standard MGP 2014).

Dr Marty Young, joint director of MGPalaeo, commented:

“We’re excited to be working with the dedicated team at Petrosys to bring greater exposure of quality-controlled and consistent geological data, which is fundamental to de-risking all exploration models. Through GPinfo, the leading source for Australasian exploration information, geoscientists will be quickly able to see what data exists for each well, and know that this data has been reviewed by experienced geologists.”

Scott Tidemann, CEO of Petrosys, commented:

“The teams at GPinfo and MGPalaeo have worked hard to deliver practical and reliable data management solutions to the industry and it is with great pleasure that we can now bring this, and other, high quality sub-surface datasets into the hands of GPinfo subscribers. It is immensely gratifying to see the benefits of working with a respected and trusted partner such as MGPalaeo delivering additional value to our user base.”

GPinfo’s monthly newsletter, which provides accurate data updates summarizing industry activities, is likewise set to include stratigraphic updates from the AUSTRALIS geological database each month, too. This will enable users to be kept informed of all new open-file well data as it becomes available.

About MGPalaeo

MGPalaeo (formally Morgan Palaeo Associates) are leading geological consultants specializing in palynology, and have been servicing the oil and gas industry since 1983. Our palynological zonation scheme is the industry standard across Australia. The AUSTRALIS geological database was originally commissioned by Carnarvon Petroleum over a 12-month period between 2016-2017, with this ground-breaking database providing the latest interpretation of all available open-file data from all exploration wells across the Carnarvon, Roebuck, Browse, and Bonaparte Basins. Since then, the database has expanded to encompass further basins across Australia and Papua New Guinea.

For further information on the AUSTRALIS geological database, contact MGPalaeo at

About GPinfo

GPinfo is the leading desktop data visualisation and manipulation package for the Australasian petroleum industry. An industry institution for almost 30 years, GPinfo’s data is collected by our team of petroleum information analysts from a range of industry sources, providing accurate and up-to-date permit, well and company data for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. GPinfo’s database includes over 3,000 permits and 29,000 petroleum, geothermal and shale gas wells and is used by major explorationists to inform critical business decisions.

For more information about GPinfo, please contact

About Petrosys

GPinfo is aligned with Petrosys, a leader in mapping, modeling and data management solutions for the oil & gas industry. Petrosys’ powerful solutions deliver direct connectivity with the E&P industry’s most popular exploration, production and GIS data sources. Petrosys produces high quality maps and surface models. It manages, edits, and analyses the underlying information including the specialised seismic, well and geoscience data used in the search for oil and gas. Geoscientists, data managers and engineers at more than 300 sites worldwide use Petrosys software as an essential tool for basin and field interpretation, to enhance enterprise data management and to help make better decisions.

For more information about Petrosys, please contact

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