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Petrosys loves to make a spectacle of itself. Come see.

Petrosys makes sure exciting new product developments are an ongoing process – there are outstanding opportunities that come from knowing about the latest, greatest enhancements or how to best use Petrosys in your daily workflow. Petrosys welcomes you to our exhibitions and meetings, where you can get a hands-on demonstration of “what’s new” and how “what’s new” can make you even more effective. Come and learn more about Petrosys.

Upcoming Events

EAGE - Copenhagen

2018 Jun 11-14

Location: Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition.

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SEG 2018- Anaheim, CA

2018 Oct 14-19

Location: Anaheim, CA, USA

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PETEX 2018

2018 Nov 27-29

Location: Olympia, London, UK

PETEX 2018 Conference and Exhibition.

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