5 things you get from training courses…aside from a free lunch!

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In today’s busy oil and gas work environments where there never seems to be enough hours in the day, it’s easy to keep pushing that software training course further and further down the list. Here are 5 things you get from training courses and why making time for them should be a priority.

1. Step up the career ladder

Continuous Professional Development helps ensure you don’t get left behind and that you are building the skills and relationships to keep moving up the career ladder, making you a necessary and essential member of the team.

2. Re-ignite your enthusiasm for what you do

Don’t allow yourself to fall into complacency – software innovation is moving faster and faster in today’s world. Remember what it is that you want to achieve, your purpose for doing it and search for new and improved methods to breathe re-energized life into your work.

3. Network and build relationships

Meeting like-minded people and establishing relationships with peers can open you up to new ideas and fresh perspectives.

4. Influence others and develop leadership skills

Create a competitive edge and stand out from the crowd by being the go-to-person who is leading the way for improved practices and workflows.

5. Have confidence in your own abilities and others will too

Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge will build your confidence and create credibility with your peers. Keep up-to-date with current trends and practices in the oil and gas industry, while simultaneously increasing your effectiveness and efficiency within the team by being ‘on-top’ of the latest software developments and functionality.

Petrosys wants our customers to get the most out of their software investment which is why we offer a range of training courses to suit all company and individual needs and requirements.

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